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CN-105581187-A: 一种树头菜退热止痛汤料及其制备方法 patent, CN-105582172-A: 一种治疗尖锐湿疣、扁平疣的药物组合物及制备 patent, CN-105584999-A: 有序介孔炭材料的合成工艺 patent, CN-105585649-A: A synthetic method of diallyl isophthalate patent, CN-105586269-A: Method for producing grifola frondosa mycelium raw material from grifola frondosa strain obtained through mutagenesis patent, CN-105586591-A: 一种覆镍多孔钢带的制备方法 patent, CN-105587082-A: Assembly type indoor wood-plastic wallboard section patent, CN-105587593-A: Energy-saving device for efficient and safe pressurizing transportation of heat source gas patent, CN-1055875-A: Spherical seed cores, spherical granules and process for production thereof patent, CN-105587745-A: 一种不易错位变形的o型密封圈 patent, CN-105588250-A: Air purifier for kitchen patent, CN-105589518-A: 一种计算机外部设备的图像采集装置 patent, CN-105590891-A: Method and apparatus for joining adhesive tape patent, CN-105591522-A: 等离子体球涡磁场发电技术 patent, CN-105591636-A: Semiconductor circuit, voltage detection circuit, and voltage determination circuit patent, CN-105592549-A: 处理网络端配置的装置及方法 patent, CN-105594468-A: Reducing state release anion flower mud patent, CN-105594775-A: Conveying chain type food heat forming processing device and processing method patent, CN-105595229-A: 一种即食金针菇鱼糜制品及其制备方法 patent, CN-105595693-A: 一种可调式服装架 patent, CN-105596383-A: 特效烧伤烫伤喷剂 patent, CN-105596417-A: Freshly squeezed herba periliae vacuum-dried powder decoction pieces and preparation technology thereof patent, CN-105596654-A: Chinese herbal preparation for treating hyperthyroidism and preparation method patent, CN-105597593-A: 一种带加热功能的实验装置 patent, CN-105598000-A: 点胶辊结构 patent, CN-105598092-A: 绝缘子清扫装置 patent, CN-105602687-A: 一种脱模剂组合物 patent, CN-105602782-A: Grain wetting method in sauce fragrance baijiu brewing technology patent, CN-105602848-A: 细胞或组织的培养装置和培养方法 patent, CN-105603052-A: Probes and uses thereof patent, CN-105604849-A: Self-pumping type water lifting machine patent, CN-105606229-A: 旋转扫描式免穿戴室内定位装置及方法 patent, CN-105606240-A: Temperature detection circuit and semiconductor device patent, CN-105606924-A: 一种接地装置冲击特性测量修正方法 patent, CN-105607489-A: Smart home control platform based on cloud technology patent, CN-105608282-A: Design method of ray filter patent, CN-105610420-A: Multichannel ultrahigh-frequency RFID antenna switch switcher patent, CN-105610481-A: 通信系统中发送/接收信道状态信息的方法、终端和基站 patent, CN-105612793-A: 用于上行链路调度和harq定时的控制方法和装置 patent, CN-105613867-A: 一种具有止痛散瘀功效的桂花玫瑰速溶茶的制备方法 patent, CN-105614114-A: Fattening pig feed free of soya bean meal and calcium hydrophosphate patent, CN-105614816-A: 一种贻贝海鲜调味汁的制备方法 patent, CN-105615083-A: High-comfort blended fabric patent, CN-105615650-A: Beverage dispenser patent, CN-105618175-A: 一种高效消除残余农药的大米加工方法 patent, CN-105620363-A: Apparatus and method for displaying image of head up display patent, CN-105623333-A: 粘着组合物和粘着片及它们的制造方法、粘着组合物前体 patent, CN-105623340-A: 一种环保型的底漆组合物 patent, CN-105625472-A: 电缆井 patent, CN-105625912-A: 一种车用百叶窗防水装置 patent, CN-105626040-A: 一种油水两相流流动规律模拟装置 patent, CN-105628035-A: 步行导航方法和装置 patent, CN-105628126-A: Energy-saving and high-precision hot flow meter patent, CN-105629094-A: 一种变压器试验数据采集处理系统 patent, CN-105630072-A: Smart device of wearable and detachable type patent, CN-105630813-A: 基于用户自定义模板的关键词推荐方法和系统 patent, CN-105631224-A: 一种健康监测方法、移动终端及健康监测系统 patent, CN-105631460-A: 一种快速制动的汽车辅助制动装置 patent, CN-105632520-A: Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus patent, CN-105633633-A: 一种高压电力架线金具 patent, CN-105634464-A: 锁存器和分频器 patent, CN-105635055-A: 一种云端数据安全使用的方法 patent, CN-105635185-A: 一种wifi环境下防止监听的方法和装置 patent, CN-105637455-A: 形成有印刷层的触摸屏面板用覆盖窗口及在触摸屏面板用覆盖窗口形成印刷层的方法 patent, CN-105638158-A: Cultivation for new variety of celery patent, CN-105638305-A: 一种应用于蔬菜种植的玻璃纤维棒支架及其制备方法 patent, CN-105639056-A: 一种用中草药制成的猪营养饲料 patent, CN-105639492-A: 低盐低温风味鱼鲞及其制备方法 patent, CN-105641492-A: 一种治疗急性胃炎的药物 patent, CN-105645117-A: Transferring mechanism for large-area aluminum substrate patent, CN-105646735-A: 能提高收率的聚乙烯的合成工艺 patent, CN-105646796-A: 基于控制pH值的氟碳树脂合成工艺 patent, CN-105646979-A: Direct-current cable insulating material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105648378-A: 一种零件防锈热处理工艺 patent, CN-105649370-A: 一种多功能升降旋转舞台 patent, CN-105649804-A: 用于监视燃料泵的方法 patent, CN-105650170-A: Abrasive ash granules with noise reduction function and preparation method of abrasive ash granules patent, CN-105651406-A: 一种钨铼薄膜热电偶传感芯片的封装结构及其制作方法 patent, CN-105652059-A: Improvement on UJ33a type portable potential difference meter patent, CN-105652597-A: 一种apr版的制作方法及apr版 patent, CN-105653320-A: Loaded icon display method and apparatus patent, CN-105654146-A: Discrete data processing method patent, CN-105654366-A: Commodity transaction method and server patent, CN-105655804-A: Concealed socket patent, CN-105656699-A: 内容分发网络的告警管理方法及系统 patent, CN-105657088-A: 一种手机 patent, CN-105657611-A: Breathing synchronized inhaling sound shielding method and device and microphone system patent, CN-105657765-A: Optimal switching method supporting multiple PDN (Packet Data Network) connections, network node and optimal switching system supporting multiple PDN connections patent, CN-105660884-A: 一种富硒黄秋葵山茶油 patent, CN-105661159-A: 一种新型滋养调味香料 patent, CN-105661498-A: Formula and preparation method of compound schisandra chinensis health-care food capable of reducing blood lipid patent, CN-105661581-A: 制取干燥枸杞的工艺 patent, CN-105666157-A: 包括纵向轨道、横向臂和机动单元的工具机 patent, CN-105669005-A: Bar-frame sealed vacuum glass insulation panel and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105670773-A: Peanut oil preparation method patent, CN-1056724-A: Water-boiling horse's hairs, tail hairs technology patent, CN-105672724-A: 一种新型无避让立体车库 patent, CN-105674092-A: Waterproof LED outdoor lamp patent, CN-105674442-A: 一种空气净化装置 patent, CN-105675303-A: 一种起动机检查箱结构 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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